2015 Shanghai International Chinese Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament Competitions Regulations ( Update )

1. The 2015 Shanghai International Chinese Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament will be held at Qing Pu District in Cao Gang River September 19-22.

2. Hosted by:

Social Sports Guidance Centre of the State Sport General Administration, Chinese Dragon Boat Association, The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, The People's Government of Qingpu District

3. Organized by:

Shanghai Dragon Boat Association, Qingpu District Sports Bureau

4. Invite:

24 Dragon Boat Teams who gets the invitation by the organizing committee.

5. Racing Events and Categories:

Mixed Division- 10 Man Boat

500m Straight Lane Race

3000m Circuit Race

6. Participation:

6.1 Athletes need to be at least 16 years of age.

6.2 Each team shall comprise the following 16 persons: 1 team leader, 1 coach, 10 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 steersman and 2 substitutions.

6.3 The Chinese team member who will participate in competition shall be not less than 6 paddlers (can be drummer or steersman)in the boat.

6.4 Each team must have minimum of 4 female paddlers in the boat to the race.

6.5 The participants should provide a healthy certificate issued by hospital and can swim with clothes on for at least 200m.

6.6 The athletes should have the Accidental Insurance and should ware life vest while racing.

6.7 The teams from international should bring 2 national/regional flags (size: 144cm x 96 cm) to be hanging in the venue and to be used in the public ceremonies.

6.8 Please provide TWO 2" size photos of each participant and hand in together with the Final Entry Form or at the Reception to the Competition Committee for accreditation and Roll Call Card.

6.9 Teams should provide the Brief Introduction (Introduction, development history and competition performance, photo attached) using for the media report. The Team brief introduction content of not less than 500 words.

7. Racing rules:

7.1 The competition execution by latest “2012 Chinese Dragon Boat Racing Regulations” which approved by the Chinese Dragon Boat Association. (Can be inquired on Chinese Dragon Boat Association Website:

7.2 The boats will be provided by the Organizing Committee. The participants can bring and use their own paddles and life vests, which should meet the requirements of Chinese Dragon Boat Association rules and be the same color within the team. The helm is in fixed style.

7.3 Each team is requested to wear the racing uniform with same color and style.

7.4 The Race will include Heat, Repechage, Semi-Final,Minor Final,Grand Final and Final (Six lanes will be set up for the use of the race.) Grouping of the 3000m Circuit Race will be based on the result of the 500m races.

7.5 The lane drawing of 500m Straight Lane Race is processed during the technical meeting. The lanes and the boat number will be determined by lane-drawing 30 minutes prior to the each race at the marshaling area.

8. Ranking in the competition and Awards:

8.1 According to the total score (results of 500m Straight Lane Race and 3000m Circuit Race), the first 6 teams (if the total score ties, 500m winner will be in the front) will be awarded trophies, certificates of award. The prize distribution is as follows (RMB):


Prize money


8.2 The rest teams will get trophies, certificates of attendance and prize money RMB 8000.

8.3 Contribution Award

Award to the teams and individuals to contributed.

9. Expenses:

9.1 For the initiatory teams abroad, the air transportation expense of arriving and departing from Shanghai should be borne by the teams themselves. The committee will spends the local expenses that including local accommodation, meals, transportation and sightseeing from 18th to 22th September in Shanghai race.

9.2 In case of early arrival or late departure and supporters or accompanying, all expenses should be borne by the team itself. If you need the race committee to help reception during the event, the expenses is RMB400/day/personal. (RMB400—including the local transportation, accommodation, meals and sightseeing which are refer to the competition schedule.)

10. Schedule:


19th September

Check In

20th September

TrainingTrainingTechnical Meeting

21th September

500m Heat, 500m Repechage, 3000m Circuit RaceOpening Ceremony
500m Semifinals and Final
Closing Party

22th September


11. Confirmation and Entry fee:

11.1 Please fax or mail the confirmation letter to Shanghai Dragon Boat Association before 10th of July.

11.2 The name list, Visa copy and the photos of each participant should be submitted before 10th of August.

12. Contact detail of Shanghai Dragon Boat Association:

Address: Room 206, 66 Kangping Road (Huakang Building), Shanghai, China

Tel: +86-21-64672182   

Fax: +86-21-54665775



Contact: Mrs. Daisy Chen

Mobile: +86-13901983930

13. Contact detail of Shanghai Qingpu District Sports Bureau:

Address of Qingpu District Sports Bureau:

No.378 Tiyuchang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Tel: +86-21-59208539     

Fax: +86-21-59208539

14. The Shanghai Dragon Boat Association shall have the rights of interpretation of this issue.


15.1 2015 Shanghai International Chinese Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament Team Roster Form

15.2 2015 Shanghai International Chinese Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament CONFIRMATION FORM

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